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by Xavier Xubiri


Introductory Material [Word 6 download]

Translator's Introduction
Xavier Zubiri
Preface to the Sixth Edition
Author's Introduction to the English Edition

I. Reality, Science, Philosophy

Our Intellectual Situation [Word 6 download]

What Is Knowledge? [Word 6 download]

Science and Reality [Word 6 download]

The Idea of Philosophy in Aristotle [Word 6 download]

Philosophical Knowledge and Its History [Word 6 download]

II. Philosophy In Its History

Historical Notes [Word 6 download]

Socrates and the Greek Idea of Wisdom [Word 6 download]

Hegel and the Metaphysical Problem [Word 6 download]

III. Nature, History, God

The Idea of Nature: the New Physics [Word 6 download]

The Phenomenon of Humanity: Greece and the Living on of the Philosophical Past [Word 6 download]

Introduction to the Problem of God [Word 6 download]

In Regard to the Problem of God [Word 6 download]

Supernatual Being: God and Deification in Pauline Theology [Word 6 download]