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Volume 1, 1998

Volume 6, 2004

Volume 11, 2009

Volume 16, 2022-2024

Volume 2, 1999

Volume 7, 2005

Volume 12, 2010-2012

Volume 3, 2000-2001

Volume 8, 2006

Volume 13, 2013-2015

Volume 4, 2002

Volume 9, 2007 Volume 14, 2016-2018

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Volume 10, 2008 Volume 15, 2019-2021

Articles are reviewed by an editorial review board comprised of members of the Foundation's Board of Directors. The Review seeks to be a very high quality publication designed for the information age, one which takes advantages of Internet technology. The Review is available in printed form, and all articles are also available in Adobe Postscript® format for direct viewing by browsers and for downloading and printing.

The Review is currently soliciting articles and papers for its next volume. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Zubiri and the history of philosophy: critiques of philosophical systems from the standpoint of Zubiri's philosophy
  • Scientific developments and Zubiri's philosophy (mathematics, physical science, biological science, psychology, neurophysiology, etc.)
  • Thematic expositions of concepts from Zubiri's work (fields, reality/irreality, measure, religation, intelligence, etc.)
  • Development of Zubiri's philosophical ideas
  • Examination of traditional problems of philosophy from the standpoint of Zubiri's philosophy
  • Theological issues related to Zubiri's thought
  • Application of Zubiri's philosophy to understanding limits of science and technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, robots, gene manipulation, and virtual reality

Articles may be in any language, though English and Spanish are preferred. To submit an article, please send it directly to the Editor via e-mail: (preferred) or by regular mail:

Editor, Xavier Zubiri Review
Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America
1571 44th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Please include a brief biography, and e-mail contact address.