Volume 13, 2013-2015

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Zubiri Studies in the 21st Century

Ontología y ciencia: de la substancia aristotélica a la sustantividad zubiriana
Carlos Sierra Lechuga

Quantum Field Theory and Zubiri’s Philosophy of Reality
Thomas B. Fowler

Naturaleza, Estructura y Sostenibilidad
Francisco Jose Ortega Martinez

Zubiri and Contemporary Ontology
Eric Weislogel

¿Tiene sentido la crítica de Gustavo Bueno al concepto zubiriano de religación?
Joathas Soares Bello

O Xavier Zubiri e a dereita revolucionaria
Alexandre Xavier Casanova Domingo

La realidad nunca traicionada
Nativitat Senserrich y Morata

The Transcendental Panentheism Of Xavier Zubiri In Nature, History, God And Man And God
C. Eduardo Sanchez Gauto

J. J. Gibson’s Psychology of Perception from Zubiri’s Standpoint
Alfonso de la Puerta González-Quevedo

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Editorial Review Board for Volume 13

Thomas Fowler, President, Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America, Washington, DC, USA
Antonio González, General Secretary, Fundación Xavier Zubiri, Madrid, Spain
Foundation Staff, Fundación Xavier Zubiri, Madrid, Spain
Xavier Sotil-Baylos, Former Rector, Seminario Redemptoris Mater, Brasilia, Brazil
Guillerma Díaz Muñoz, Professor of Philosophy, Institute of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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