By Xavier Zubiri

Translated by Thomas B. Fowler
Critical reading and revisions by Gary Gurtler

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Translator's Introduction [Word 6 download]
Schematic Outline [Word 6 download]

Author's Preface [Word 6 download]

Download Intelligence and Reality complete as Adobe Acrobat file.

I. Intellection as Act: Apprehension [Word 6 download]

II. Sensible Apprehension [Word 6 download]

§1. Sensing
§2. The Formal Structure of Sensing
§3. Structure of the Sentient Process
Appendix 1: Considerations on Formalization

III. Modes of Sensible Apprehension [Word 6 download]

§1. Apprehension of Stimulity
§2. Apprehension of Reality
Appendix 2: Formalization and Hyperformalization

IV. Structure of the Apprehension of Reality: Sentient Intellection [Word 6 download]

§1. The Impression of Reality
Appendix 3: Sentient Intellection as Faculty
§2. Structure of the Impression of Reality
Appendix 4: Transcendence and Metaphysics

V. Essential Nature of Sentient Intellection [Word 6 download]

§1. What Actuality Is
§2. Actuality as Intellection
§3. Actuality as Impression
§4. Formal Unity of Sentient Intellection
Appendix 5: Reality and Sensible Qualities

VI. The Idea of Reality for What is Intellectively Known Sentiently [Word 6 download]

§1. Reality
Appendix 6: Considerations on the Formality of Reality
§2. The Real
Appendix 7: On the Real and Its Reality
§3. The Being of the Real

VII. Reality in Sentient Intellection: Real Truth [Word 6 download]

§1. Real Truth
§2. The Dimensions of Real Truth
Appendix 8: Considerations on the dimensions of Real Truth

VIII. The Primary Mode of Intellection: The Primordial Apprehension of Reality [Word 6 download]

§1. What is Intellective Knowing?
§2. What is Modalization?
§3. The Primordial Apprehension of Reality

IX. The Ulterior Modes of Intellection [Word 6 download]

§1. What is Ulteriority?
§2. The Ulterior Modes of Actualization
§3. The Ulterior Modes of Intellection

X. Sentient Intellection and Human Structures [Word 6 download]

Download Intelligence and Logos complete as Adobe Acrobat file.

I. Introduction [Word 6 download]

Section I
Intellection of Things in the Field of Reality

II. The Field of Reality [Word 6 download]

§1. General Characteristics of the Field of Real Things
§2. The Strict Concept of Field
§3. Structure of the Field of Reality

III. The Real Intellectively Known as in a Field: The Sentient Logos [Word 6 download]

§1. Field Intellection As Such
§2. Basic Structure of the Logos

Section II
Formal Structure of the Sentient Logos: I. Dynamic Structure

IV. Distantiation or Stepping Back From Things [Word 6 download]

§1. What is Distance?
§2. What Does "Stepping Back?"
§3. Structure of What is Apprehended "At A Distance" By Stepping Back

V. Intellection Through "Stepping Back" From What A Real Thing Is In Reality [Word 6 download]

§1. What is Affirming?
Appendix: The Reality of The Mathematical
§2. Forms of Affirmation
§3. The Modes of Affirmation

Section III
Formal Structure of the Sentient Logos: II. Mediated Structure

VI. The Determination of the Logos in Itself [Word 6 download]

§1. What Determination As Such Is: Evidence
§2. Intrinsic Characteristics of Evidence
§3. False Ideas About Evidence
§4. Evidence And Primordial Apprehension

VII. Sentient Logos and Truth [Word 6 download]

§1. What is Truth?
§2. Truth, Reality, and Being

Conclusion [Included with Chapter VII]

Download Intelligence and Reason complete as Adobe Acrobat file.

I. Introduction [Word 6 download]

Section I
The Progression of Intellective Knowing

II. What is Progression? [Word 6 download]

III. Progression Qua Intellection [Word 6 download]

§1. Activity of Intellective Knowing Qua Activity: Thinking
§2. Thinking Activity Qua Intellective: Reason
1. What is Reason?
2. Reason as Reason or Explanation of Things
3. The Unity of Reason

IV. The Formal Object of Rational Activity [Word 6 download]

§1. Formal Character of the Object of Reason
§2. The Unity of Possibilities as Determinant of The Intellection of The Real
§3. Determinant Function of the Real in Reason

Section II
Structure of Rational Intellection: Knowing

V. What is Knowledge? [Word 6 download]

VI. Formal Structure of Knowing [Word 6 download]

§1. Objectuality
I. What is Objectuality?
Appendix: The Problem of Categories
II. Transformation of a Field Thing Into a Real Object

§2. The Method

I. What is Method?
II. Structure of the Method
§3. Rational Truth
I. The Truth of Reason
II. The Essence of Truth in Encounter
III. The Intrinsic Character of Rational Truth

General Conclusion: The Unity of Intellection [Word 6 download]
[comprises chapters VII and VIII]

VII. The Problem of the Unity of Intellection

VIII. The Formal Structure of the Unity of Sentient Intellection

§1. The Modal Unity of the Act
§2. The Modal Unity of Intellective Knowing
§3. The Unity of Intellective Knowing as an Intellective State